Audit Committee


The Audit Committee comprises only Independent Non-Executive Directors, thereby guaranteeing its independence and credibility.


Established by the Board in 1999, the Committee has four members, all of whom have attained outstanding academic and professional qualifications or related expertise.

Audit Committee Members
Dominic C.F. Ho (Chairman)
Andrew K.C. Chan, BBS, JP
H.K. Chang, GBS, JP
Anita Y.M. Fung, BBS, JP


The duties of the Audit Committee include maintaining an appropriate relationship with the Company's auditor, reviewing financial information of the Company and overseeing the Company's financial reporting system, risk management and internal control systems.

The Committee meets not less than four times a year to discuss the nature and scope of internal audit work and to assess the Group's internal controls. Separate meetings are also held, without the management present, with external auditor as and when required.

Terms of Reference